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About Us

26k Media & Photography was founded by Jon Hillis, growing up in a small business home and spending the majority of his career working in or for small businesses he found most businesses just do not have time to stage, shoot, edit and share content that represents their business. They have a business to run after all! Jon has pursued photography for the last 10 years and when his girlfriend started her brand, Resilience Equine, she asked him to take some pictures to capture who she was. That was the start. Now with clients from California to Colorado and all in-between 26k Media & Photography has found that there is a need for affordable and quality media management, we are committed to meeting that need!


Who We Serve

With clients from a wide range of backgrounds and business types we have found flexibility in capturing brands from Off-the-Track Thoroughbred rescue and rehabilitation to Ultra-Running coaching to in office portraits we have been able to meet our clients needs again and again. Some of the work we have done includes, running 17 miles through the mountains of Colorado to capture the endurance of Ultra-Runners as they train, learning the basics of horseback riding to better understand the timing to capture the perfect image, meeting individuals one on one to make them comfortable and capture portraits that show their confidence and boldness, scouting for weeks to find the perfect road to capture a dream car on... We go above and beyond to understand our clients business because in understanding it we can then represent it better behind the lens.

Who We Serve
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